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A really smart, outgoing guy who can make friends with anyone. He tends to talk a little much, but everyone still likes him. At times, he can be really annoying, but that's because he has minor issues. Even so, he is a great guy who everyone should get to know.
Guy: I have 254 friends, and they're not from the Internet.
Other guy: We're calling you Satchi from now on.
Crowd: Right on!
by Trilobyte August 07, 2016
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A beautiful girl who is amazing and has an high IQ . All the guys seem to love her. She loves her friends and is a humble,true ,creative and talented person . She is a very social person . She also very hot .
Lola - all the guys love her !
Charlie -she is such a satchi !
by Demigod4life February 05, 2018
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