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Another name for a penis cock dick or pecker
Claudia : O wow I was working out with Chad yesterday and his Sasuage was buldging through his shorts!
Kiersten : Yes he does have some nice Sasuage did you know it was 14 inches long I should know as many times as I sucked it!
Claudia : Yeah I know he let me massage it and suck it right there in the gym!
Kiersten : Yeah but I bet he didn't stick it in your tight pussy and make you moan!
Claudia : Actually he did and he fucked me in the ass too!
Kiersten : Well I bet he didn't tie you up and make you squeal like a pig with his Sasuage inside your body for like an hour!
Claudia : No that sounds retarded!
Kiersten : Ha Ha I win!
Claudia : Grow Up!
by SlopNChop April 06, 2017
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