Nicolas Sarkozy is the first dwarf to be elected as president of france.

From hungarian descent, he was elected on his pledge to "sweep off the scums", meaning the muslim population that france has piled up in suburban ghettos since they helped rebuilding the country after WW2.

His hobbies are : passing laws that only contribute to his associates and himself (1st thing he did as President was to raise his salary up to 140%), openly trying to pull strings for his sons, hanging out with french jet-set, appearing wasted during the G8 meeting, after a "private meeting" with Poutine, etc

Hated by most of the french for not keeping promises and acting like a jerk (although they had it coming), he is currently awaiting to be replace in 2012.
You: - Have you heard the lastest rumor about sarkozy and bruni?
Me : - No, because i don't give a shit.

You : - How did this joke get elected?
Me : - Ask the 53% of braindeads who voted for him
by WillXL April 24, 2010
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Sarkozy is the president of France, he's little as France is small. He's known as the man who make ghettos burn cuz of his racists ambitionz (-> French Riots)
The rich frenchies love him but young peoples who live in the suburbs (the ghettos, in France) want him to die.
"hey man i came in France for one week and my french homies tell me about their enemy : Sarko"
"wut? who u talkin bout vato?"
"it's all bout Sarkozy, the new president of da France"
"hell yea i heard about him, wat a dippee doo it is?"
"sure mayne"
by S.D Ranflaholic June 1, 2007
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Nicolas, Paul, Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, 23rd french president.
"On may 6th Nicolas Sarkozy beated Segolène Royal and became the 23rd french president"
by El_ladron_de_frutas December 7, 2007
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The best president France has had since Charles De Gaulle. He is hated by most of the French & most people on here for his pro-American, pro-military, & conservative views. He is stereotyped as George Bush's bitch even though Bush is no longer president & gets along with Obama almost as well.

The liberal & ethnically, politically, & morally falling country of France needs a conservative & patriotic leader like him.

He is also a heroic figure in the 2011 Libyan civil war against that megalomaniac Ghadafi.

Like Stephen Harper he is a under-rated leader.
God bless Sarkozy

Sarkozy for French president

Sarkozy is under-rated
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
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French president of France and public image representing France Abroad.
He is in fact half gypsy/ half jew and many french wonder why they elected him. He is a good friend of the US / jewish lobby and will stop at nothing to eradicate arabs for the good of the jewish state OOOPS SORRY I mean france.
"Sarkozy is such a typical french"
"Is he really french tho ?"
"I dont know but I dont care"
by NIKKK333 September 5, 2008
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Noun: A minor, benign, self-limiting skin condition of unknown origin (such as a rash, spot or small area of discoloration) that either clears up on its own without treatment, or remains there harmlessly for up to many years.
Plural form: sarkozies

A pseudo-diminutive form of "sarcoma." Named in honor of France's current president, Nicolas Sarkozy.
Example 1:

Nate: "Hey, Bob, you'd better get that spot on your arm checked. It could be something serious."

Bob: "Nah, it's nothin'. The doc said it was nothin' to worry about; it's just a sarkozy. It'll clear up on it's own in a few days.

Example 2:
"The Doctor told me: 'Just about everybody, if they check themselves over carefully, will have some skin thing that could look like it might be serious. Usually, though, those are just sarkozies.'"
by Jherek August 19, 2010
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Bush : Ok little cunt, it's time to invade Iran!

Sarkozy : I have 500 000 men at your service, all ready to surrender.

Bush : Oh boy, do I miss Blair.
by willywannabite August 21, 2007
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