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The civil war in Libya that took place in 2011 when the protesters demanding the resignation of the evil dictator Mommar Ghadafi & defected Libyan soldiers fought back against Ghadafi's forces that cracked down on everybody who opposed Ghadafi. Ghadafi's forces consisted of the majority of the Libyan military & several thousand foreign mercenaries filling in for the defected soldiers. The rebels consist of protesters demanding his power be removed & defected Libyan soldiers. The rebels held the eastern half of Libya & Ghadafi kept the western half of Libya.
Ghadafi's forces were far superior to the rebels & would have exterminated the rebels within a couple months if it hadn't been for the French, British, & American forces enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya. The NATO intervention consisted of British & Franch naval & air forces bombarding Ghadafi's military buildings & arsenals & American naval & air forces protecting the eastern half of Libya by bombing the Ghadafi forces over there.

Most Americans opposed the intervention in Libya because they are Ghadafi supporters who would much rather have Ghadafi stay in power than spend extra tax dollars stopping that megalomaniac.
This is gonna be like the Libyan civil war.
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
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