The act over shoving fingers/hand/object up another person's anus.

Rumor is that after Ghadafi was captured in Libya in a drainage pipe, rebels shoved a dagger up his butt, obliterating it.
"I dare you to Ghadafi that person..."

"I just got Ghadafi'ed."
by DJUnknown2007 January 20, 2012
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Like terms: Brosama Bin Laden

That friend you have that is a virtual recluse and just ''hides in thier man cave". And when you ask them to hang out, the get really angery.
Jen: "Joey, wanna hang out?"
Joey: "No, shut up im busy!"
Jen: "Joey never wants to hang out anymore. He is such a Broamar Ghadafi."
by Thechopthatdon'twannastop June 30, 2011
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