The best actress ever who plays Carrie Bradshaw on the best series every made called "Sex and the City"

Very pretty and has the perfect body.

Has amazing fashion.
by Emahlee November 30, 2006
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sjp is fuckin gid.
she doesn't look like a horse. and she isn't ugly.
sarah jessica parker looks like a horse.

no she doesn't you wank
by jzshirra February 14, 2009
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One of the Internet's many punching bags. It was once trendy to criticize her for her appearance and voice but new jokes about these things come across as trite and desperate.
Internet: "Hey! So! Do you hate Sarah Jessica Parker too?"
Humans: "Meh. Maybe 5 years ago. Now I really don't give a fuck."
by BrotogΓ© September 15, 2016
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