She is everything you can want in a friend, bestfriend, and girlfriend. She is caring, loving, sweet, Shy at first, Funny at times, athletic, and amazingg in every way. But one of the many great things about her is her Smile a smile that will make you smile and will always remeber it. She gets along with people and never been in a fight but won't back down if it's ever time too handle her business at any time.
Sapphyre is a sweet girlfriend
by Sapphyre March 13, 2017
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string bean, beautiful, long hair, half black, mermaid,
Fine, lovable, Dre, Yummy, Sapphyre
by ABDJDMI December 24, 2009
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My immediate thought when I meet Sapphyre was holy shit I'm going to scissor the fuck out of her for the rest of my life. Upon getting to know her better I realized I couldn't have picked a better life-long scissor partner. She is a giver, lover, liker of fucked off fun shit with a heart and soul that outshines my favorite glitter. If you ever get a chance to befriend this magical creature, then you better do your best to keep her casting light unto your life.
I never understood the greatness of scissoring until Sapphyre came along, and suddenly both she and scissoring became a staple part of my life.
by Gingerpoo April 05, 2019
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