I'm sapiosexual, so if you wanna fuck me you better pass this algebra final
by itz_kidz June 8, 2016
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A person who values intelligence as a key feature of attraction. No matter how attractive their interest is, the moment they speak and prove themselves of sub par intelligence to the desired level, it is an instant deal breaker and turn off.

This is not to say that they date 'unattractive' people or that physical appearance does not matter; the individual just does not put as much importance or emphasis on attractiveness.

If you find yourself drawn to intelligent conversation and more attracted to people the more intelligent they prove themselves. The opposite being even with someone of extreme attractiveness, the moment they say or do something that makes them look ignorant, idiotic, immature, etc. the attraction/connection is instantly vaporized.
My significant other may not be the definition of physically fit but he is exceptionally smart, it is a perfect situation since I identify as a sapiosexual.

I tried dating a model once, he was super ripped!... The problem was, i made a little chemistry joke and asked him to pass the sodium chloride and all I received in return was a blank stare! Needless to say, this sapiosexual decided being just friends was best.
by Duchess_Dor September 4, 2015
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A word for a cheap cocksucker's way of indicating or pretending to indicate that they are interested in things above the waist.

For you see, the numerous fashionable sexuality words that prop up ever so often - are mostly conjured by the same kind of boring cunts (male and female). The type are desperately hoarding attention so much so, that they wouldn't be seen relevant if they stopped premiering a new flavor of tantalizing bullshit once a week.

As its not enough to say you are really into the smart folks - you just gotta have some fancy way of presenting or it wouldn't matter otherwise.
Sapiosexual? Da fuk does that mean babe?
-We can't keep up with the kids and their pitiful sexual situation. Someone figured they couldn't use "smartsexual", since it would make them sound like the mopey wankers that they are, so they had to spend their best effort and mangle something off Latin as they usually do, in hoping that the result would appeal and linger long enough for recognition. But, let us join crossed lips and burry memory of it.
by Raze.h4 October 31, 2015
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A person who is sexually attracted to the intelligence in others.
I told her, no, I'm a sapiosexual: I'm attracted to your intelligence!
by Ravel Patel October 20, 2011
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Irene Adler:"I like detective stories, and detectives!"
Irene Adler:"Brainy is the new sexy!"
Irene Adler--> sapiosexual
by MishaCollins April 14, 2014
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Traditionally the attraction to intelligence, however it can also be extended to the attraction of proper, full sentences and the use of grammar.
Do I read the Toronto Sun? No, I am a total sapiosexual, I like sentences, paragraphs and grammar.
by BreaxxBaxx February 10, 2011
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I am attracted to people who are my narrow idea of "smart" because mentally ill people scare me, I am sapiosexual.
by memes4lyf5ever April 4, 2015
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