Someone who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.
Aka, a fucking liar.
She calls herself a sapiosexual, but she's a fucking liar.
by not_a_fuckin_liar August 15, 2017
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A term that is the last hope for lonely losers, overweight women, and pretentious tools of both genders to make themselves feel better by purportedly valuing "intelligence" over physical appearance. Frequently used in online dating profiles to give the appearance of depth and to, self-reverentially, designate oneself as very intelligent.
Sheila: I'm sapiosexual; I value a man's intellect over his looks.

Doug: Be real, Sheila, you're just saying that because your a blimp with a 5 o'clock shadow . If sapiosexualism were true, Stephen Hawking would be getting more ass than a toilet seat!
by Sheizkopf October 03, 2017
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sapiosexual One for whom the brain really is the primary sexual organ.
A sapiosexual dude is equally happy with his face either buried in a book or between a librarian's legs.
by bigmidas June 14, 2019
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The way nerds believe sex is.
I only look for really smart sex partners, therefore, IΒ΄m a sapiosexual.
by notsapiosexual October 24, 2015
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I want to fuck or fall in love with intelligent people. Watching someone workout differential equations makes me horny. Having brilliant professors in college makes it extremely rough to keep to myself because OMG I want to fuck my professors!
I want to fuck my physics lab professor because he is really intelligent. I am a sapiosexual and find intelligence extremely sexy.
by AnalyticalMind89 September 25, 2017
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The official sexuality of 'Chivalrous Gentlemen' (see neckbeard and nice guy syndrome), meaning an attraction to individuals (almost always of the opposite sex, and almost always conventionally attractive) with high intelligence (prime signifiers are interests in: Doctor Who, MLP, fedoras, and Japanese entertainment, etc. and rarely practical measures such as IQ, college education, or independence). Sapiosexuals take unhealthy interest in sexualizing children's cartoons, stalking women, and MRA Activism. Due to their luck, or lack thereof, in courting, they frequently blame society for sexual inactivity.
Sapiosexual Subject: Your boyfriend is a total jerk-off
Desirable Subject: Who are you?
Sapiosexual Subject: He only likes you for your looks
Desirable Subject: We have a deep emotional connection to each other!
Sapiosexual Subject: He clearly doesn't understand you, he bought you a Star Wars mug even though you wear a Star Trek shirt all the time!
Desirable Subject: What are you trying to prove here, I'm already happy with my current relationship
Sapiosexual Subject: Friendzoned Againβ„’
Desirable Subject: You wish we were friends, I barely know you!
by CaptainZappy February 04, 2016
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A clitial region that tends to swell up and become moist in the presents of intelligence.
Mary's bean became moist and swelled up when Ryan spoke of the quasi isotopic characteristics of the material present because of her Sapiosexual tendencies.
by Yerddrey April 06, 2016
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