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A friend that will be youre best friend. Very inteligente and pretty, she is an awesome friend. She always listens to you when other people dont listen, and she is always there for you. You can call her any time you want, and she wont mind, cause shes cool like that. :) If you are not friends with Sanjana, youre totally missing out. Normally a chilled person, she might be hyper sometimes.
What do you expect? Shes a Sanjana!
by flyhigh:) December 09, 2010
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A person who is lovable and understanding but is cool headed too. She doesn't like showing emotions but you know she has them. She loves sports and quite dislikes dresses and makeup and things like that, like gossip. She is such a funky person, she doesn't try to be pretty (but she usually is). She's also a genius but also a complete idiot. She doesn't understand things like crushes and love, tho. She faces a lot more that what people think on the outside and she can be a wonderful friend. Sanjana's got a lot of tomboy qualities. In general a funny, smart, kind, strong, and kind girl.
Guy 1: Dude that girl is better at sports than a lot of boys....
Guy 2: I know, and it's no shock her name is Sanjana.

Guy 1: Oh yeah!! So true.
by IAm briiiiiii May 26, 2018
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Someone who is really pretty and modest. Sanjana is an indian , she's crazy and is liked by most people. She is good at everything. Every guy is crazy about her. In other words Sanjana is pretty much perfect.
Oh my god, that girl is totally a Sanjana.

She's such a Sanjana, and she doesn't know she's beautiful, that's what makes her beautiful.

by AustinRocks >3> September 17, 2012
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the name itself signifies eminence, beauty and intelligence. sanjana's are very pretty and leave behind an unforgettable impression.unfortunately people are envious of her and that is the struggle a person named sanjana faces.but after all she is pretty and what can she do about that..
omg sanjana is the shit....damn she is pretty!!geez
by kiddo12 February 13, 2009
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A ditzy and funny girl. Sanjana is totally hot and everyone loves her because she is just so much fun to be around!!
Man, that girl is a total Sanjana
by iamme123123 December 05, 2011
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Sanjana is the kind of girly girl everyone had a crush on in high school. She's gorgeous and good at almost everything she does. She might break your heart on accident if she doesn't realize you like her. She's kind of tomboyish and likes sports more than shopping.
That girl is definitely a Sanjana.

Guy 1: This girl I met has curves and is skinny as fuck at the same time. WtF
Guy 2: She's a total Sanjana.
by Yui- January 21, 2016
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Sanjana is an extremely beautiful girl, but she draws in drama like a black hole. Even if you don't know her past ,she was a hoe, but its ok because she's secretly trying to settle down. Sanjana is most definitely Indian but she's not too high key about it so it's not a problem. Any guy who gets to date her is extremely lucky, but if you land a Sanjana you're also a baller - you just have to make sure she doesn't forget how beautiful she is. Sanjana's have weird senses of humor, saying things like "Frick U" or "Lick my pussy" in public no matter who's around. We all know Sanjana is hiding how smart she is, and everyone who made fun of her in the past is going to regret it. Sanjana's love power, and will gravitate towards roles traditional power move jobs like doctors or lawyers.
Person 1: Dude this girl I used to mock in high school just steamrolled me in court today - she's super fuckin' hot now.

Person 2: Sounds like a typical Sanjana move. Get riggity wrecked.
by akoolkappaklepto November 24, 2018
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