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A flawless being that is very athletic. S/he can put a beat down to any foe and slay bitches. S/he can also spit fire upon any hater. One that is never phased or hurt.
You are the best person ever, I guess I can call you "Sani."
by Bruhhh4 September 24, 2015
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Sani is a really nice and caring person, however she can roast someone to dust at times. She's usually the jealous type, but everybody's jealous of her, like her beauty and humor. She sometimes gets worried about her looks and what other people think of her, and sometimes gets too caught up in it that she doesn't remember she is so beautiful, funny, and charming. She is very friendly and she can spark up and hour-log conversation with even the quietest people, since she is very talkative.
Girl 1: omg did you see Sani? She's so pretty and she looks like she's so nice!

Girl 2: ikr! I wanna talk to her!
by Tacocat :) July 10, 2018
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Another way to say what's up
Shorthand for what's up ni**a.
Sa Ni, wanna smoke a Joint?
Sa Ni, wanna grab a drink?
Sa Ni, there's an Umphrey's Show coming, up we out?
by SaNIShuDo1 May 18, 2011
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