Similar to Gay Marriage, but I wanted mine to be seen first.

1. A process of two homosexuals marrying each other.

2. Something that's really no one's business

3. to all those who say "Marriage is to create children", umm...not every couple has children, and what, should a sterile man or barren woman not be allowed to marry?
I could care less about same sex marriage,as long as they're happy.
by Stacey March 2, 2004
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Marriage to a person of the same sex. Same and just as holy as heterosexual marriages.

See Marriage
Same sex marriages should be legal not ony in Canada and Massachusetts, but in all places.
by IrisEve January 31, 2004
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A "same sex marriage" is someone who has crows feet and looks like a woman, but doesn't have a menstrual cycle, so is a man.
Doctor: "Did you see any blood coming from between its legs?"
Patients husband: "No. Is my wife a same sex marriage then, Doc?"
Doctor: "Yeah, it looks like yr wifes a man!!! Get off the 321 bus"
Patients husband: "But all she's got is a CO2 emitting car for me to drive"
Doctor: "I'm afraid its no longer within our remit."
Patients Husband: "But what about the environment?"
by Usebleach August 4, 2020
Sex in a relationship that, for one reason or another, has degenerated to near nothing. No one in this marriage is getting any except with themselves anymore. Happens after one or both loses interest or gets fed up with the joyless sex of the other. May take years of normal marriage to get to this point usually preceded by a period of sex that feels a lot like wanking anyway. Neither has the balls to admit it or the wherewithall to go out and just cheat on the other to get off. Also characterized to close friends - who couldn't help noticing the chill - as "mature" love.
Fred and Wendy practised same-sex marriage - after almost 20 years of marriage, their sex life was almost non-existent - if it hadn't been for the wanking they secretly indulged privately in, there wouldn't be any at all.
by Luvlos Whadacost February 15, 2011
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Marraige between partners of different sexes.
Steve: Did you hear about Joe and Sam? They got married!
Nora: What? But isn't Sam that girl you work with?
Steve: Yeah, it's one of those non same sex marriages.
Nora: Fancy that.
by Cute Anonymouse October 30, 2005
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When two people from the same identification ( gender) ( or if non-binary) wed
Jared is in a same - sex marriage, with his husband, Josh.
by champion2312 May 27, 2018
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