Sam is the name for the perfect boy. Does the sweetest things and cares so much about you. He is very attractive and said to be good in bed ;) the type of guy if you have a chance to date then take it. If you don't you'll regret it.
Girl: aw who's that being all cute with Alice?

Girl 2: that's Sam, he's the sweetest! Alice is so lucky.
Girl: I wish I had a Sam :(
by Surprise. May 25, 2013
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Sam the most sexiest guy you will ever meet. Has a giant penis and has loads of girls chasing him. And is great at sex.
by mstrole September 09, 2010
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The most amazing human being on the face of this earth.

He'll love everything about the girl he chooses to be with and that girl is the luckiest alive. He's brilliant and handsome! No one could compare to a Sam. They are amazing, they are in Gods perfect image.
Sam's are typically amazing kissers, they have big dicks, and a beautiful girlfriend to finish the touch. A girl without a Sam isn't a girl at all... She's a dike.
Girl 1: I wish I had a Sam like you do!
Girl 2: Everyone wishes they had a Sam... He's perfect
by 022711forever January 12, 2012
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A good looking boy, with an extremely large cock, the Sam's that work in real estate tend to have the biggest cocks in the office.
Tony: Rick, How big is your cock
Rick: it's 21 inches Big, but if i show you and Sam happens to see it, i would feel embarrassed
Tony: Why???
Rick: Well im Captain Erector with a 21 inch cock, But Sam has a 21 Meter Cock
by Don_Salvo April 22, 2009
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A big warehouse where you pay a membership fee, usually $40-$150 a year to pay a couple dollars less for an item which you buy twice a year since that is the only times you go there. There is an employee at the door who punches a hole in your receipt but never checks your items in your cart so you could potentially steal a lot of stuff.
I went to Sam's and payed $10 for a pack of Gatorade! They had it at Wal-Mart for $12!
by LanceN March 19, 2006
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the most brilliant person on Earth. Good looking, charming and from London. Aslo wears the best socks. If you aren't Sam you should wish you was.
Chuck Norris- have you met Sam.
Other man who isn't important in any way- No why
Chuck Norris- your life isn't complete, and you don't deserve to live..
Other man dies painfully
by the real Chuck Norris February 17, 2012
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A sexy girl that every guy wants, usually has Double D titties. She is not a hoe but she loves being around guys and usually has multiple guys friends. Secretly desires to have a huge ass to counteract her titties. If you have ever dated a Sam and left her you are stupid go try and get her back now. Oh yea and Sam's are great in bed!! they stay wet a night long!!!
Hey you seen sam today?
Sam.. Sam.. Sam.. oh with the big ass titties yea she is hot
by Samantha a.k.a Sam January 26, 2009
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