A name reserved for the absolute best of the best. A person possessing a rare combination of drop-dead good looks, lighting fast intelligence, hearty senses of humor and charm, and an ability to rep 225 pounds on the bench like it's nobody's business. Other notable qualities include well-defined calves, sick flow, and Jimi Hendrix-like guitar skills. Importantly, persons with the name of Sam also exhibit all of the positive characteristics associated with the names Kevin, Drew, and Seve.
Samuel Adams, Samuel Jackson, Samuel Clark, Samuel Ting (Nobel Prize winner in physics)
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An uuber rad guy, who makes a great boyfriend, also referred to as a Llama.
He's the best guy ever what a sam!
by laurelmarie1991 January 30, 2009
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Very sweet, sensitive, smart, sexy, loveable, caring. Has the makings for an amazing boyfriend. Makes you laugh, a good listener, will cry with you.

Strong, big heart, amazing blue eyes.
He is nice but not like Sam
by x3sam December 11, 2011
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The definition of a sam is a person who is not really afraid to show her real self and doesnt care what anyone thinks of her despite what she might do. A sam is also someone who can get through anything despite the situation as well as knowing what to do, and she will get through her troubles (i know it)!!! Please cheer up Sam!! Please! i dont like seeing you sad!
Sam is as tough as nails!
by Daniel Alan Gibson August 13, 2008
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Is caring and lovley
would be a good boyfriend, so give him a go ;)
sticks to his word and tries his best to cheer everyone up
tends to torment.
by blondiex April 06, 2009
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The thing you find next to a tree after it rains.
Oh! I've found a Sam here!
by Theurband February 04, 2019
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