A girl who acts more like a guy then she does a girl.When hanging with the guys, shes one of the dudes, not a dudet. Normaly engangeing in the manly man activities aswell. The name Sam is shortend from Samantha. Hence helping with her boyish attitude.
Dude A: "Dude, look at her, shes just like the guys!"
Dude B: "Nope, shes just Sam."
by 19inchesofhillshirefarms October 25, 2009
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phil is a sam.

We gave the boys at the club a nickname which is sam.
by lightskinhoney March 20, 2009
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1. Persons Name-
2. "Asked of God" (Religious)
3. SAM(Surface to Air Missile-Acronym)
1. I was named Sam, by my parents because it was easy going and nice and short.
by Sam Van April 08, 2006
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Acronym for Severe Acute Masturbation Syndrome.

Describes the affliction of belting off so much that you shun your friends, have violent mood swings, believe the internet is talking to you personally and refuse to actually have sexual relations with another human being.
Since Liam got a broadband internet connection he has developed a debilitating case of SAMS
by Longtimelistener December 06, 2010
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A name reserved for the absolute best of the best. A person possessing a rare combination of drop-dead good looks, lighting fast intelligence, hearty senses of humor and charm, and an ability to rep 225 pounds on the bench like it's nobody's business. Other notable qualities include well-defined calves, sick flow, and Jimi Hendrix-like guitar skills. Importantly, persons with the name of Sam also exhibit all of the positive characteristics associated with the names Kevin, Drew, and Seve.
Samuel Adams, Samuel Jackson, Samuel Clark, Samuel Ting (Nobel Prize winner in physics)
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An uuber rad guy, who makes a great boyfriend, also referred to as a Llama.
He's the best guy ever what a sam!
by laurelmarie1991 January 30, 2009
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