noun; One who is salty , A person who regularly displays salty behavior.
Wow James is such a salto .
by OSG Lord February 24, 2016
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An Italian word for "jump". Mostly used in Venice, since they tend to have a lot of water. This word can also be used as a name for an animal, object or (small) community.
1. That kid is in a team named salto, he's so awesome! 2. I have a cat named salto, he jumps all the time.
by Cooney23 May 13, 2009
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Whilst fucking the girl doggystyle you pick her up and spin her 360 around your cock.
Only add propellor wire on ur cock and she'll be stuck on there forever!!! salto cuntale
by koul-v-spaire January 07, 2011
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(Spanish) Literally "Tiger's Jump". A spectacular feat of acrobatics, marksmanship and nerve where a man jumps off a clothes bureau or high space, fully erect and lands on a woman that is on her back with her legs open, penetrating her in one shot.
Amigo 1: I saw Juan in a wheelchair the other day with tears in his eyes - what happened?
Amigo 2: Oh that fucker tried 'el Salto del Tigre' on his new lady and was off by a few inches. Juan is a Juana now.
by PenguinMeat October 16, 2017
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