I think of "salesy" as an adjective for someone who is a cheesy, aggressive and superficial salesperson of whatever product or service they are pitching.
That insurance guy was too salesy and insincere for me to be comfortable working with him.
by Kimmy K June 1, 2006
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pizza faced lying little bitch who lyes about stuff
god, she is such a salesy
by Lydia April 26, 2004
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The act of moving to Brigham city with your vegan girlfriend and becoming a rat bastard brother fucker and packing truffle butter for lunch everyday
Dude I can’t believe he pulled the Dirty Salesi on us bro
by PolishMachine June 3, 2019
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Ruthless king ,smart bastard that cares if your real. Knows how to get the attention of women when not in zone, Talk facts and does it right away. He know how to gamble

And is the right person to meet at the casino.
Salesi, A king, gambler, ruthless bastard
by November 22, 2021
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Salesi is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He always takes serious stuff as jokes but will never fold when it’s time to get down. I think as a salesi as a freaky mind set and will fuck you till sun rises up and is very good at tongue kissing
A salesi will never be defiantly against any women and is very most loyal
by Dubbaby November 21, 2021
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