The living definition of the Japanese workforce. Complete workaholic who will do everything possible to finish a project, all without any regards for their own health. He will work his hands down to the bone, then down to the marrow, then he will get prosthetic arms just to continue his work, if he hasn't died from stress yet. Masahiro Sakurai will pour his soul into anything and everything until he has no soul left, then pours in some blood and flesh for good measure.
Jesus fucking christ Masahiro Sakurai, please I'm begging you. Sleep, for once.
by The_Jamijach December 11, 2018
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1. (n) "Yes, I'm still alive" This noun is used to show that you are still alive.
2. (n proper) The name of the Japanese video game designer that was the mind behind the Kirby franchise.
1. "Even at 96, I'm still Masahiro Sakurai"

2. "Oh my gosh! it's Masahiro Sakurai!"
by Team Nubby March 08, 2018
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