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Is a Sanskriti name meaning 'loved one'. An incredibly stunning knight who once walks into your life, changes everything known to you. His loving nature will reach out to your heart and shake your being. Looking into his expressive brown eyes, you will see a beauty so rarely found in people today. He 's unaware of being cherished but he's so adored. He brings along an innocent glow which colors your days with brightness. A focused person who dreams big, is highly intelligent, charismatic, romantic, a healer, intuitive, sensitive, humorous and will melt you. His compassionate nature gives you a sense of serenity, a knowingness that everything is going to be fine. He'd never do anything to upset others, but will always protect the people he feels passionately towards. His charming looks are beyond description. It's like an earth angel has fallen from the heavens above. He was created special, a gift to the world and precious treasure to the lucky woman with him. Sajan is the type of person who you don't have to speak a word to and yet a beautiful conversation will be communicated through your shared silences. He is a true soulmate, the best companion, the perfect love, a matchless inspiration and the only man you will desire to share every moment of each day with. He will gently destroy the iron barriers you have for so long put up to protect your sensitive heart from feeling the pain of love. He will inspire you to love and give you the courage to be loved.
Wow, who was that man you just spoke to? He's exceedingly charming and seems like a real sweetheart.

Oh yes, his name is Sajan. He's simply heavenly. I love him. He's my loved one.
by rainbowheart356 May 20, 2010
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One of the hottest and sexiest Indians in the world, if you have a sajan, keep him

Sajan means love, but he can fight for good if he needs to

A sajan is the Kinng of all Singhs
Neeta: Sigh, I wish I was like my hot sexy brother Sajan
by Singhkinng**1 August 25, 2008
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A really strong, hot and charming Indian, usually lives in Canada or the US. If you see him once he'll be in all your dreams and if your friends with him, damn you are one lucky person. He is a Singh and Sikh and is the real King of the Singhs, don't mess with him!
Tavneet: Shut up Sajan

Meena: You can't call Sajan that

Jason: Yeah he's the collest guy ever

Tavneet: My bad, I wish I was him :(
by David Nissan August 28, 2008
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