Please just pay for your own food this time. Don't be a SAJ.
by helloiam4812 June 14, 2011
imo adam muir is quite the saj~~~~~
saj you kindly in mymo
by imosajyou May 1, 2005
Used to express sadness.
Its an abbreviation for Sadge, which is an emote used commonly on Twitch.
by JustUMii April 15, 2022
derived from the term "sausage fest" - when there is a greater penis to vaginal ratio within a group of people at any one time.
Richard could not help but notice that this was indeed a saj fest
by rossm2012 April 8, 2012
Project SaJ - we can't tell you unless you already Know!
Shurjeel'What is project Saj'
Rohan and Ronan'April 6th'
by RussianIdiot101 March 30, 2019
expression addressed to a person after they hiccup.
hiccup.... Pat Saj.... hiccup.... Pat Saj .... hiccup .... Pat Saj .... and so on.
by THinch October 19, 2010