The act of interrogating people with questionable integrity
He didn’t like the Saj-bating that followed
by TheRealSaj January 11, 2022
one of the best momma’s you’ll have. an astonishing person who is caring and kind to all herchildren. constantly there and gives a helping hand. amazing at everything and is a beauty.
friend 1: woah, dude! is that your real mom?! she’s so cool!

me: nah, she’s my momma saj!

friend 2: where do i find one?!
by urwelcomesemaj April 1, 2018
Tooo klm sickkkk
SAJ is too sick
by Sh or sh November 24, 2021
A common name used in the Scarborough area often referred as another slang 'Simp' He who beholds this name often leaves theirs friend in disarray and loneliness.
Today I will not be available I will be a Saj.
by Buklau11 November 27, 2021
A Lithuanian foreigner that has sneaked through the England border

Saj Is a badass
by Sajtheforeighner December 3, 2019
Like sad but said in a semi sarcastic deadpan way.
Originated in Exeter.
Caillin: I spilled my pint
Everyone else:… Saj..
by Aranastaer June 5, 2022
Saj is Jas’ sister on twitter. she has the best layouts ever. her fans think she’s having a secret relationship with another stan, HERCULES. but no one knows. everyone loves her
person 1: hey do you know Saj?
person 2: Ofc! she so cool !!
by hiwhehrnroco July 9, 2021