Sailor moon is about Senshi ( warriors ) in the beginning there where only 5 but soon grew to like 12 i believe ( with the Stars season they refused to bring to america ) It is about a Princess reborn with her protectors to fight evil. Sailor moon wasn't a childrens show exactly in the japanese version. It has serious issues in it. It was cancled most likely because they couldn't hide men turning into women and the obvious relationship of Haruka and Michiru ( english amar and machelle). The japanese episodes. Have crossdressers lesbians men turning into women ( or women turning into men technically ). They had nudity and deaths in it. Cartoonnet work wont allow such things which is why they wont have Ranma 1/2 on there. The ratings probably went down when people started to watch more of the subed ( japanese versions translated by subtilts ) and lost intereted in the dubed ( what Cartoonnet work shows) There is a long list of WHY cartoon net work cancled it and added on ( that stupid sailor moon says crap isnt in the original ) It is the same with any other anime on Cartoonnet work they are cut and edited.
Sailor moon is about fighting for good and such
by Haruka Tenou June 09, 2006
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A anime series airing in America in 1993 or 1994. It appeals to young girls, and is about girls that magical transform into sailor scouts, or sailor senshi, and fight evil with powers that they posess from thier mother planet. It'll take me forever to explain, so fuck it. God I love this anime.
I love Sailor Moon, I guess that makes me a Sailor Moon otaku.
by Jotaku December 22, 2004
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The love story between Usagi and Mamoru, Usagi's boyfriend. Mamoru and Usagi are boyfriend and girlfriend during the series. The series is five seasons and 200 episodes and the manga is 18 volumes. The main theme is the love between the main couple. Mamoru, Usagi's boyfriend, later marries Usagi and becomes Usagi's husband. They become king and queen and rule Crystal Tokyo and have a child named Chibi-Usa. Mamoru proposed to Usagi at an airport when he gave her a ring after they have been dating for four seasons. It is their love that keeps them alive, they share many kisses and their love gets them through every battle and obstacle. Mamoru, Usagi's boyfriend, plays a significant role throughout the 200 episodes and 18 manga volumes.
Sailor Moon is the romance of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, Usagi's boyfriend and future husband.
by Mamorufan August 31, 2007
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An anime that was cancelled on cartoon network because it was expected to be bad, having few commercials. Hamtaro wasn't getting enough fans, so they cancelled sailor moon. Hamtaro is where they put all the commercials meanwhile, only one commercial break for sailor moon. Thinking only of money, Serena went bye bye.
Cartoon Network: "OH NO! Too many kids like this show. We didn't put enough commericals! We're screwed, hamtaro isn't getting enough ratings! Cancel the short-skirted bitch Sailor Moon, NOW!!"
by Sincerity April 16, 2005
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Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi although it was a programme for girls aged from 4 to 11, but the programme was such a success that even boys started to watch Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a programme of where there are five sailor scouts Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupitor, Sailor Mercuary and Sailor Venus. Althought there are more sailor scouts these are the main five Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts must maintain peace thoughout the land and also they must protect there indentity as no one must kmow who they are.
Sailor Moon the show that has expanded anime onto an unique level.
by anime lover July 22, 2003
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A Japanese animated show about 5 girls who transform into Sailor Scouts. Created by Naoko Takeuchi.
This cartoon is one of the greatest I've seen in my life and introduced me to anime in the first place.
You got your magical girls, your girl power, friendship, fantasy (POWER TO FANTASY and GIRL POWER)and good plots!
by TheNewAgeRiseth May 09, 2005
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An anime run on Japanese television from 1992-1997, and American television from 1995-2001 (?). Later made into a live action version with kawaii plushie kitties (sarcasm). Prior to and during the years of broadcasts of the anime it was published in the magazine Nakayoshi and collected to a 18 tankobon manga. A spin-off of not as popular manga Codename wa Sailor V by the same mangaka: Takeuchi Naoko. A target of many anti-shrines, and H-doujin possibly because of its notoriety inside and outside of Japan. (do you see any anti-shrines of Serial Experiments Lain?). The manga was later re-collected into a gensaku edition that only consisted of 12 volumes (more acts per volume) and featured revised artwork.
I used to watch Sailor Moon, but then Sailor Luna came and scared me shitless.
by The Mahou demon May 19, 2007
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