The Negaverse is an evil universe in the sailor moon anime franchise. It is ruled by Queen Beryl and the Negaforce. The Negaverse is also known as the Dark Kingdom. The Negaverse was destroyed when Princess Serena used Cosmic Moon Power.
Its the Negaverse!!!
by Zorua Tricky Fox Pokemon August 10, 2016
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Used in the popular Disney Cartoon Darkwing Duck (1991-1992) in the episode "Life, The Negaverse, And Everything". The Negaverse was an alternate universe in which everything was the reverse of the original world. Darkwing Duck's infamous foil, Negaduck, originated from the Negaverse. The Negaverse is only mentioned once in the series when Darkwing Duck is thrown into a portal to the Negaverse disguised as a birthday cake.
"You idiots! You just threw Darkwing Duck into the Negaverse!" - Negaduck.

"The...WHAT?" - Megavolt.
by Vaporshi November 11, 2006
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