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Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi although it was a programme for girls aged from 4 to 11, but the programme was such a success that even boys started to watch Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a programme of where there are five sailor scouts Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupitor, Sailor Mercuary and Sailor Venus. Althought there are more sailor scouts these are the main five Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts must maintain peace thoughout the land and also they must protect there indentity as no one must kmow who they are.
Sailor Moon the show that has expanded anime onto an unique level.
by anime lover July 22, 2003

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Grandia 2 is the second grandia game that has come out, Grandia 2 is out on playstation 2, in grandia 2 you are Ryudo who is a geohound that bounces from job to job and has done some much work for his clients that he has built up a reputation. Ryudo has an friend who is called skye, Skye acts as Ryudo's moral judgement although it seems that Ryudo and Skye are at Rivalry with each other they really are friends. then one day Ryudo accepts a job as a bodyguard of the church of Granes, the job requires that the songstress of granes Elena is taken to Garmia Tower and returned safetly. but the job is not as simple as Ryudo expected as a number of things go wrong and what seemed to be a simple job turned out to be a epic struggle of good verses evil. Grandia 2 is an 80 hour long RPG game although rated at 45 out of 100 by Playstation Maginzine it really is rated lower then it should be.

Grandia 2 is exerlante and equall's the Quilty of Final Fantasy
by anime lover July 18, 2003

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Anime is originated from Japan. Its art is amazing and the detial that is put into anime is just class. Anime is japanese drawings that are drawn in a very detailed way or anime is used in paricular Television shows like Dragonball Z, Yu Gi Oh Cardcaptors and Gundam Wing. There is also Manga which is anime from japan put into comic books like Shonen Jump. Anime is very detailed and is realistic or unrealistic it does not really matter in some ways as anime is just original.
anime and manga to some people think that it is for children and when someone see's a picture of anime the first thing that they say is (Oh is that Pokemon) I tell you something if one more person say's that i am just going to say no it is not bloody pokemon it is anime, and ANIME IS NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN.
by anime lover July 10, 2003

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