A place where hopes and dreams are crushed daily.
Hey Mack, how's it going?

Oh you know, I showed up at Safeway and all my hopes and dreams for the day died.
by JizzInMyPants09 June 11, 2009
The shittiest place anyone could dare work. Synonomous with flamboyant douchebaggery, started by a man with the last name "Skaggs". Forced customer service regime and secret shoppers, workers who do not comply will be executed and sold as safeway select potted meat. Pay is below minimum wage and one may expect to have a throng of mentally handicapt co-workers. Three minute lunch breaks are permitted; one usually has to order food from the "service deli" inhabited by stoned fucktards and sandwiches made of decaying human entrails. Shitty value, high prices, fucktard co-workers, and shitty health care. Safeway sucks!
"Bo Jim, that retard you remember from school, is your manager at Safeway."
"That fucking safeway select sandwich i eat opened a vons chain in my small intestine."
"The safeway service deli food is to decaying human remains that arbys is to roadkill."
by jim jo bob November 2, 2005
The act of going into a local safeway, stowing a bottle of alcohol in a backpack or pants, and then leaving without paying
"Damn brah mark got caught safewaying yesterday and now he has to pay a fine"
by oculartestical March 26, 2018
A damn expensive store with low value
Never shop at Safeway or you'll get my warning. Or is it? Not making sense? I will.
A crappy grocery store that sells stuff at rediculously high prices. The only cool thing about safeway is that alot of them dont have any security alarms and cameras. Making it a good place to score some free stuff.
I just made a beer run at safeway yesterday and got away with it because they're too cheap to put up security systems
by Someguy22 October 18, 2006
Safeway (3rd Planet in the Supermarket Solar System)
Population: 200 poorly paid employees, 20 young wannabes with nothing to but hang out at a supermarket on a Saturday night, 10 angry old people with stupid questions, 50 or so middle aged soccer mum species who consider themselves to be the most superior species on the planet, and 5 to 6 managers wandering aimlessly doing nothing.
Orbit: Around the planet is a vast asteroid like field of 4WD Class Space ships piloted by soccer mums. Extremely hostile and dangerous! Take caution!
Environment: Employees are regularly subjected to the hostile natives and are forced to endure seasonal carol music non-stop for a month.
Recommendation: Avoid AT ALL COSTS!
"I got past the Soccer Mum asteroid field only to be rammed to death by a roving granny with a walking frame!"
by Employee November 30, 2003