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Sacred heart is an all girl private catholic school located in bryn mawr.
Amazing school with amazing girls. The girls are spoiled but give to charity alot. The school is near St. Al's which all the girls love those boys! these girls wear cute uniforms. They wear little kilts there are 2 different styles one for winter one for spring. Also The polos they wear are uaully lilly, lacoste or polo. there collars are always poped. The girls there are extremly preppy.
These girls are very smart w/ a high GPA usually a 3.34-4.0.....the girls enjoy playing tennis gold and squash on the weekends at the merion crickey club and philidelphia country club. The sports hat the middel schooled girls play in school are lacrosse, feild hockey and, basketball. The high school play softball, lacrosse, basketball, crew, field hokcey, tennis, golf, volley ball and track.

The school has studeoucil, c of g, and csc. These all help the students have a better school life. The student coucil is basically president and repersenitives form each grade. The C of G is commite of games and that is with teh red and white teasm they think of the activitys. Finally there is CSC and that is comuity service corps. and they plan out comunity service activies. to run for a aplce in office you must have 10 csc hours.

everyone loves cdssh girls. there smart, beautiful, witty, giving,give to the comunity, sweet, and so pretty everyone loves them and they should becaure ther spoiled but not brats...nice sweet almost perfect but not girls.
just to clear things up were not
Sacred sluts
Whors on the hill
by cdssh March 18, 2005
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