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A congradulatory phrase that is followed by the bumping of a fist to anothers persons fist and the exclamation of Sackett!!! it is a substitue for the old school High Five

Also used to explain a good group of people
"That was a sweet shot!! Sackett me!"

"What up Sacketts?"
by Robyn Lauren January 02, 2008
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An actual fuck boy... like im not kidding anyone named Sackett is the worst NEVER APPROACH HE HAS 3 GIRLFRIENDS AT ONCE, Also his parents must have really hated hjm if they named him.... 'Sackett'

But he is tricky cause he is typically hot with an 8 pack DONT BE FOOLED NO MATTER HOW LICKABLE HIS ABS ARE.
Girl 1: I met a wonderful HOT guy named Sackett today!

Girl 2: Sackett? Oh no hun.... Sackett is a complete fuck boy Don't be fooled he is a horny heartbreaker

Girl 1: But his body is soooo smashable!!

Girl 2: Dont fall for his puppy eyes and 8 pack.

Girl 3: Sackett? He dumped me for so and so..... then he cheated on her with her sister...

Girl 2: Also you didnt hear it from me, but he has only had sex once... he is soooo inexpeirienced....
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by BoppyYOOOOO February 04, 2018
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