A pairing of Sam Winchester and the archangel/trickster Gabriel in CW's tv show Supernatural
Fan: Oh. My. God. Did you see how much Sabriel was in the new season of Supernatural?
Fan #2: Hell yeah I did!
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by sixty-seven impala June 16, 2018
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a foolish, stupid or ridiculous act, particularly when dealing with intense betrayal or blind foolishness
"Yeah, she totally pulled a sabriel and ran him over with her car."

"Remember when you sabrieled Mark? That was cold."
by Mal Harris June 23, 2008
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A name given from popular youth novel "Sabriel" by Garth Nix. The book was published in 1995.

A girl/woman of strong resolve, creativity, active imagination, and the ability to think outside the box.
Sabriel swims with the grace of a mermaid.

Her name is Sabriel, like the book.
by BusyKittie October 13, 2018
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