saturday, not sunday. sunday is now referred to as the sabbath because of christian influence, whereas the jews originally took saturday as a the sabbath. dont argue with me, i learned it in my religious studies in college.
sunday is the first day of the week, thus saturday is the last, or the sabbath.
by seraphicreverie February 17, 2005
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Saturday, the holy day to worship God, seventh day of the week.
On the seventh day, having finished his task God rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he rested from his work of creation. Genesis 2:2-3
by jko January 13, 2005
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Short form of "Black Sabbath", a pioneering Heavy Metal band of the early seventies notable for such memorable beer commercial tunes as Paranoid. "Sabbath" destructed and reconstituted numerous times over the length of its life, and still exists as a name in music today, albeit only Tony Iomis considerable talent remian the only core force in the band.
"I dropped acid and listened to sabbath at 72 rpm's man"

"Oh yeah, what happened"

"I saw God man"

by Friedrich Nietzsche January 21, 2004
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1. Any individual who listens to, respects there of the fact, agrees to aqree without aggression, advocates for the cause of proper fucking music against all odds and then blasts the band Black Sabbath (Only Ozzy Sabbath) looting and stampeding the ears of all naysayers. 2. A dirtbag
oh honey, we're fine. that fella isn't any harm to us. he's a sabbatheer. give him five dollars
by TimmyFeathers December 11, 2010
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one of the coolest rock songs ever by black sabbath
dude sabbath bloody sabbath is sweet
by mr.x March 11, 2005
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-The New School kitty
-Looks for trouble and usually finds it
-Often seen in the distance
-Says "dude" a lot
-Has a battle scar in right ear
Cat-friend of the character Emily Strange
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