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Saanvi is really kind and patient. She is really forgiving and is a great friend. You know you could trust her to always have your back. She never insults you and tries her best. She is really smart, and will help you without a second thought.
Saanvi is the best friend you could ever have.
by SilverMoon7257 March 08, 2018
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Saanvi is a very normal person, but once you get to meet her, she is... She roasts everyone in her path and will fight anyone for no reason. She is actually pretty cool unless she’s mad at you. she will always get her way. Also note Saanvi is very desi
β€œWoah! Did you see Saanvi roast that kid?”
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by Super8human November 25, 2019
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She's funny, smart and the ideal type of friend to have. She's responsible and really down to earth. She will never accept she's intelligent but is truly an intellectual.
You're so smart. You remind me of Saanvi.
by sankimaihusanki November 01, 2020
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1. Baddest bitch in all the land
2. Hotter than the flames of hell
3. The kind of girl you would want to date

4. Overall BABE
by Swag.Al.Baller November 23, 2016
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