A pharse you call your friends whenever you want to.
You are a STUPID HOE get away from me.
by jocelyn_radcliffe June 18, 2019
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A woman who is nothing more than a sexual object; a bitch; a toy; mindless, souless, worthless slut; a Nicki Manaj song
That bitch at work/school/whatever that's so fucking obnoxious you wanna beat her fucking face off. That stoopid hoe.

The gardening tool that dropped out.
Nicki Manaj: U a stupid hoe

U a u a stupid hoe
u a stupid hoe
u a u a stupid hoe

Some other hoe: Takes one to know one
by L.Rokzi June 9, 2012
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Quite possibly the worst song in the history of music. Nicki Minaj is a disgrace to rap for putting it out.
Person 1: "Hey have you heard Nicki Minaj's new song Stupid Hoe?"

Person 2: (Ears still bleeding from hearing the song)
by cyzoner March 20, 2012
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The worst song that has ever been created.
Sorry guys, but I think Stupid Hoe is even worse than Friday.
by udusers1 March 28, 2012
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2nd person song nicki minaj wrote about herself
"If you have to make a song called stupid hoe, you must be a stupid hoe." -lil kim
by Dantheman_yolo November 11, 2014
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A girl who lets her boyfriend get away with things like not cleaning or helping around the house.

A girl who puts out easily then gets walked all over.

A girl who is dumb enough to wollow in self pity when her man disrespects her instead of getting her own and showing him up.

A girl who relies on her broke and drunk man for happiness then is depressed when he doesnt come through.
Girl shes a stupid hoe, she boarded up with a broke guy that was just supposed to be a one night stand.

Girl shes a stupid hoe for dating him, he just manipulates girls into dating him then gets bored with em and treats them like shit.
by Urbanbitchseenitall June 22, 2018
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A slut who uses a whole load of fake tan and regularly uses the word ‘babes’ typically has a liverpuldian accent. Typically call Olivia or Kiam
Kiam: ‘Shut up you west enter ur opinion is irrelevant’
Halle: ‘Better go wash ur fake tan off in the shower’
Kiam: ‘So basically your calling me a stupid hoe then ok bell me and then we will see
by 8sno6s June 18, 2019
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