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I am Sir Tokes Alot, often used in web forums, Its origins came from some online forum when they had a member bitching about polls.
Used in online polls. STAL is used as an optional option.
by No Name Plz September 20, 2007
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The abreviation for the word crystal when reffered to as crystal meth, and it must be pronounced like you just said crys before it
This last rock of ice is all the stal i got left
by Cryssfish May 30, 2018
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A man or female who is loud and annyoing in public, but when a group of stal get together they get waaaay to crazy, rude, and selfish.
Just great looks like we gotta a couple stal's riding the go-karts
by Willy Williamson January 08, 2009
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Reference for an individual, normally a brotha, whose copulatory organ is resemblant of that of a stallion, mule, donkey, or most any other large, robust quadripedal mammalian vertebrate.
Jigga Stal impaled on dat bussay last wit dat 9.
by Don Jaime October 16, 2003
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