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Despite popular opinion, the SPNKR did not first appear in Halo: Combat Evolved. The SPNKR first made its debut in one of Bungies earlier games called Marathon. In the Marathon trilogy, the SPNKR helped catapult both single player and net games to a whole new level of carnage. Many Marathon net gamers consider the SPNKR to be the best way to turn your friends or enemies into a piece of leaky meat.
Wow! Nightbanshee just turned Cyberdragon into a piece of leaky meat with his SPNKR.
by babernat July 23, 2006
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M19 "Surface-to-Surface Missile" Rocket Launcher

One of the most destructive weapons in the video game Halo:Combat Evolved. Unfortunately-but fairly-one of the most cumbersome. The M19 SSM, or SPNKr is a hand carrier, shoulder mounted rocket launcher. The weapon consists of two primary components: The launcher, which is composed of the firing tube, trigger assembly and electronics for targetting and munitions release. The second component in the magazine. The magazine is an expendable, grooved, cylindrical shell which holds two 105mm rockets.
"Get the SPNKrs over here now, marine! Do you want to be a Banshee's breakfast?"

"The M19 SPNKr is an effective anti-vehicle weapon."
by Turing May 02, 2004
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Ammunition of the Rocket Launcher in Halo: Combat Evolved, and the name of the rocket launcher in the Marathon series.
by SenorDingDong September 13, 2003
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The SPNKr Surface to surface missile launcher, fondly refered to as the "spanker." It is one of the greatest weapons known to man.
by BobEx April 27, 2004
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A weapon made by Halo 2 (Rocket Launcher)
designing team because they got sick of hearing complains from people without sight and left thumbs on how they can not score a single kill.
blind man: w00t! I actually won! Thanks SPNKR!
by Justin March 08, 2005
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The longer form of the label "SPNKr". "SPNKr" is the label on the side of the rocket launchers (a.k.a. rocket lawnchairs) from the HALO series. It is pronoucned "spunker", after the verb "to spunk". The practical upshot of all of this is that after you kill the fuck out of some n00b with a rocket lawnchair, you are said to have "spunked dat bitch".
Halo Player: Oh, dude, this kid was pissing me off sooooo much in Halo yesterday.
Friend1: Oh yeah? What did you do?
Halo Player: I went to the tunnel, got the rocket lawnchair, found the little jerk and SPUNKED ALL UP IN HIS GRILL! It was an epic rape.
Friend2: Dude, what? You ejaculated all over some kid's face after raping him?
Halo Player: No, dude, get with the times; I took a rocket launcher and shot him in his stupid pre-pubescent high-pitched-voice-having face with it. It says "SPNKr" on the side, that's why I said I spunked all up in his grill. Damn you suck.
Friend3: Go to hell.
Halo Player: No, n00bface, YOU GO TO HELL!!!!!111one!!!1
Halo Player: ITS SPNKr TIME!!!!
Friend5: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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