The acronym and abbreviation for the now gone but, not forgotten "Southern Pacific Railroad" . As it was something of a household name throughout the West Coast and other Western States due to its involvement in creating the modern day California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, etc...... .Entire towns and cities were built and created for and by the SP. Los Angeles would never have become so overgrown had the owners of the SP not facilitated it by owning and developing the real estate.
I worked for the SP my entire life. It was a good union job!
by Bib Overall Babymaker April 10, 2016
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sex penis, only scouts of troop 1439 will get...
Lauren is such a sp!
by Turtles2001 April 08, 2020
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Rod: I didn’t return the rental car. They’re going to withdraw from ur account
Sam: sp
Rod: I swear to god
by Karsastic January 12, 2019
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