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SOOF meaning swear on our friendship, this word was invented in the crestview florida scene, it should not be used to force out a confession, it should only be used sparingly and as a last resort.
Jennifer- I have brain cancer

Andrew-no you don't!

Jennifer- yeah... I do.

by Brandon Avallone September 04, 2007
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Abbreviation for Swear On Our Friendship (S.O.O.F.).

If someone SOOF's you or says SOOF it means they are telling the absolute 100% truth or your friendship is over.

Its like a pinky swear, but without having to touch pinkies or kiss each-others thumbs or whatever people do to make promises or prove they are telling the truth.
Sorority Girl #1: Did you cheat on me with my roommate?

Sorority Girl #2: No...

Sorority Girl #1: SOOF ?

Sorority Girl #2: SOOF. Bible.
by krk28 April 18, 2013
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A sad oof. To be SOOFed means you experience something that is not only an oof but it is a soof. A sad oof.
Guy 1: "Your girlfriend looks like a big fat bertha bitch"
Guy 2: "SOOF!"
by KnightSevere February 22, 2018
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That shit mean anything bruh as long as it refers to some hype shit
That’s soof as fuck

Holy soof

Bruh on soofskies
by Zuccsucc July 28, 2018
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The sound of the action of a pissy shoe being stepped into by a soon to be moist sock
Soofing a man is where you piss in the mans shoes or slippers for the man to then step in them causing a friction between the wet shoe and his sock as the moisture seaps into the sock it creates a soooofff sound.
by Jamoth September 02, 2018
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A generous sip from a friends drink.
Most commonly from an alcoholic beverage or takeaway drink with a straw.
Dude, can I have a soof of your drink?
by XENOZK May 23, 2018
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Word combination of Soft and Poof. A derogatory term for someone who is not only soft but a poof. Person will not do typical or even basic tasks that may only require minimum effort. Also posses homosexual tendencies.
Luke: "What are you on about, you you don't want to do it!? Don't be a soof".
by DreadGoat June 12, 2014
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