An Acronym Meaning: Slob on the Knob.

Synonyms: Blowjob, Head
Pronunciation: Sock
Hey man, did you hear that Jason spent $500 on his date last night!? That dude will do anything for some SOK.
by Deany224 September 22, 2019
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Sok \Sock \ noun;
plural: Socks \Socks\ or Asians::

1. A clan that rarely steps into the wilderness. But if decides to, Is usually accompanied by a clan full of "Neggas"
(See: The Negga Clan)
2. A group of disorganised failures that is most likely to run on site of anyone or return with hides until the other clan gives up, or most likely beat them.
3. Asians who dissapointed their parents coz they play video games.
4. Fail at everything
Wow can you believe CL beat Sok + Tnc And Synergy in 3 hours.

Lol who's that clan wearing Dhides and Green Capes and running to the exits, Oh it's Sok.
by Chivalry Legions January 6, 2008
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It's ok

said reassuringly
pronunciation: sock
Mary: I just fell down the stairs :-(
Wanda: Sok *3 pats on the shoulder*
by Izclo July 1, 2007
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'sok means 'tis ok. It was first found at the MSR Live Forums when an administrator moved a thread and apologized. The member responded to him saying by saying 'sok
Skryingbreath: Where did my previous post go?

Oh yeah: I wish I cared.

Tuckerm: Had to delete it to get beanboy's up to the top otherwise i'd have to post a new thread. Thinking back on it i coulda just split the topic. Sorry skry :)

Skryingbreath: 'sok
by tuckerm August 5, 2006
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The koolest name in the world
by asbh November 8, 2003
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Sleeping On the Keyboard

derived from afk away from keyboard
because ive slept on a keyboard before =P
friend: what are u doing?
me: sok
friend: o_O?
me: zzz
by honx August 21, 2004
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