An alphabetistic acronym (pronounced as letters not one words) short for Mulder/Scully Romance. Used by X-Philes (fans of the show The X-Files) do referance a relationship between the two main characters of the of the show. For the first six or seven series the term was used mainly in fanfiction, fan music videos, and discussions online, as the relationship on the show was displayed as mostly platonic or non-sexual, but in the later series it could be applied to the actual relationship on the show, as well.

Cf. DRR, shipper, noromo.
1. I wrote a new X-Files fanfic today, it's heavy on the MSR.

2. If Mulder and Scully get it together it'll ruin the show- say no to MSR!

3. The MSR is an ideal example of a friendship destined for more.
by Aoife303 November 21, 2006
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In military terms short for "main supply route"
by 333HalfEvil April 1, 2013
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MindState Records of Detroit Recording studio and underground indie label owner/operator Chris Mac aka MAC NIFTY
last night at the club MSR put all the other acts down by the powerful mixes and bumps
by lonnie whitman January 8, 2009
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Acronym: Stands for Management Spunk Receptacle.

Often a young eagar to please employee offering the management sexual favours in order to gain early advancement within the company, often to the dismay of competant members of staff. This employee will often get no further than a different managers bedroom.

will be riddled with clap and other such diseases.

Like a WAG but with less class.
Claire decided that she wanted advancement in the company and shagged her way to the top. Hence becoming an MSR.
by eltykieo July 19, 2010
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Mad Sober Rage.
Opposite of MDR, a state of sobriety in which yelling, cursing, hitting, and throwing objects occurs for no apparent reason.

Often referred to as MSRing or MSR'd
" I just MSR'd on my professor for giving me a D on that exam"

"Tom Cruise needs to stop MSRing on talk show hosts' couches"

"Don't MSR on the toilet seat, Bob. I'm tired of cleaning up after you."
by MDR3 November 28, 2010
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Monogamous sexual relationship. Take a relationship, then take away all the nagging, complaining about you not washing dishes, and so on, leaving only the mutual sexual enjoyment of one another. Similar to fuck buddies, but with the limitation to just being able to fuck that specific person.
I'm not really looking for a ltr (long term relationship), but a msr, would suit my needs perfectly.

We met up, and screwed like mice all night, she couldn't get enough, so I offered to be in a msr; now, I have all the fun of a relationship, without any hassle.
by BabYMystiQ August 26, 2014
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Acronym for Mensa Shunning Ritual (MSR), in which members of Mensa exclude unwanted persons from their local groups.
He was kill-filed from the Mensa listserv in the local Mensa traditional MSR, or shunning ritual, so nobody would have to deal with him.
by Joyce Boles March 23, 2006
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