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Guy1: So, yeah, my life sucks
Guy2: SOFL!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy1: .....what?
Guy2: nvm

Yep, that's basically how it least for now :D
by SOFLCreatorAlex July 17, 2009
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SOuth FLorida. Generally refers to the tri-county area of Southeastern Florida, which includes Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach), Broward County (Fort Lauderdale), and Miami-Dade County (Miami), but can refer to parts of Southwestern Florida.
This show at Churchill's Pub is including some of the best SOFL bands around!
by soflo23 November 19, 2015
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shit outta fucking luck; way worse than just being SOL.
Oh, you have a Zune 30GB? You are SOFL right now!
by sonicgabe December 31, 2008
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Acronym: Snakes On the Floor Laughing.

Derivative of the popular acronym 'ROFL', or 'Rolling On the Floor Laughing', 'SOFL' brings it up to date and inline with the forthcoming monumental epic blockbuster Snakes On a Plane.
SammyJ: hey man u comin 2 see snakes on a plane?
Bruce: yea y not. got one of the best lines ever commited to film in it
SammyJ: sofl!
by Helmetlad August 04, 2006
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