6 definitions by marecare

code name for cocaine, but personifies the word.
yo guys, lets hang out with cathy tonight
hey where's cathy
that bitch cathy is amazing
by marecare September 22, 2005
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much like the association, aarp refers to an old guy. They typically don't realize that they're mid-life and pursue 20 something's like it's their job.
Eew that guy is straight up aarp, why would I ever talk to him.
by marecare September 22, 2005
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abbreviation for someone who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This typically means that they are consistently out of work because they are artists, actors, dancers, singers, etc. BFA's refuse to give up on their dreams and would rather live in poverty then get a real job.
He can't pay his rent this month because he's a goddamn BFA!
by marecare September 29, 2005
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alternate spelling 'shorty'--although shortie typically refers to girls, 'shortie' also refers to a guy that's a short bitch. Shorties are very persistent and act as if they're of normal height. They are mental irregulars and need meds. Beware!
Look at that shortie, you know he has to be a total bitch.
by marecare September 22, 2005
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a dumb bitch that you hate on. Usually one that hits on your man or doesn't realize that she's totally wack.
yo that girl is all up on my boyfriend when I'm not around, what a trifling ho!
by marecare September 29, 2005
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