aka sla; vernacular used mainly in the Oakland of Pittsburgh; the end of every word is dropped
Sla' i' tha lan' spo' a' tha Pl'hou'= Street Slang is the language spoken at the Playhouse; To' i' tha ho' mana'= Todd is the house manager
by Bo'Mana' June 6, 2003
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Slas is used as another hip word like cool, fly, dank, slappin etc.
YOOOOO that was hella slas bro!
by Donkeyslas October 3, 2021
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Severely lacking in work ethic, intelligence, initiative and general likeability
by Natasha Fillipo May 8, 2020
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slas is a slayer and he lives next to your house and grows cacti in his backyard
nickname for stanislas
Greta: OMG!

Max: What?
Greta: My neighbor is a slas!
by Greta1111 March 2, 2017
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Content -

SLA Finserv

Someone who wants you to have a secure future and fulfill all your life goals without any worries.

Promises to walk with you on that journey till you reach your goals 💸
Person 1: I wish I had started saving on time.
Person 2. I wish you had met SLA Finserv before.
by Anonymous reviewers November 26, 2021
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When ones scrotum rubs against the inner thigh creating an unpleasant burning sensation
Dude, do you have any baby powder I have SLA (scrotal leg adhesion)
by Lil 21 Dragon Breath April 13, 2020
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