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To use or take something without permission
"Your parents are out of town, you should just skoodge their car for the weekend, they'll never know."
by Gad-Zooks May 17, 2018
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Someone or something that has done something so stupid and idiotic that calling then stupid just isn't enough. Skoodge is reserved for people that screw you over, but not permanently. For example, if someone broke your phone, they wouldn't be a skoodge because that's serious. However, if someone threw a rotten peach at your face followed by other soiled fruit, you would call them a skoodge.
Carson: "I was talking with the girl I like and this guy came over and interrupted our conversation!"
Nathan: "What a skoodge!"
Benji: "We should throw a rotten peach at him!"
Carson: "YES!!"
by Short Tail August 08, 2014
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1. Something annoying, stupid, ludicrous.

Verb (Skoodge) Past tense (Skoodged)
1. To scam or ruin.
Adjective (Skoodgis)
1. Something stupid, makes no sense, annoying
That guy that barged in on my joke and ruined it is a Skoodge.
Burnt bread iss Skoodge.

My girlfriend was a Skoodge when I glanced at another girl.

I'm going to Skoodge that girl from that guy.
My brother Skoodged my brownie.

Thorn bushes are Skoodgis.
This Skoodgis guy came up to me and my friends shouted "You are the bankers" and ran away.
Traffic lights are Skoodgis.
by Vicentious February 15, 2014
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skoodge = spoodge that has been maturing in the vagina overnight. Once the girl becomes vertical it emerges from the receptical, bringing its very own sharp aroma to the bedroom.
"dude, you just got skoodge on my favourite spiderman comic..."
by bishop brain t January 23, 2009
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