After you've finished finger banging some girl and you can still smell her on your fingers hours later
I tried to bang her, but all I got was some stinky finger.
by pelissero April 22, 2003
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A.K.A. a "Bob Schmid" is when you place fresh feces underneath a car door handle. Unknowingly, a victim of a Bob Schmid would sense a feeling on their fingertips and would confirm with a sniff test. At this point, they discover that they have shit on thier hands. Wha Wha Wha
Sending a message to any assholes who park in my lot trying to sell thier cars, Mr. Pissed off smeared his own fresh shit under the door handle.
Guess what? He never parked there again:-)
by Can't afford a Caddy January 11, 2005
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This is the smell that remains on ones finger upon removal from a chicks ass.
I went to pick my nose and noticed I still had stinky finger from administering the shocker on Dianne. I puked.
by Scud September 12, 2003
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the act of itching you, or your partners anus, or genitalia, and then smelling your finger.
You shouldn't itch that, or your going to have a stinky finger.
by grandmasboy438 July 07, 2010
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A term associated with a mexican/dominican who has inserted his fingers into a stinky area of a female, (i.e the poopah or the vagina) thus relaying the stink to their fingers. To truly achive the status of "Stinky Fingers," (or "Stinky" for easy everyday use) one must continue touching things with the defication/vaginal discharge covered hands (i.e baseball equipment, other bunk bitches, etc.)

Stinky Fingers Stinky Stinko Stanko Stanky Fingers
Man 1: Thats the kid we call stinky fingers.
Man 2: Eww what a dirty mexican! haha
Man 1: Yeah, I know. He stuck 4 fingers in that fat chicks poon then touched all our gear
Man 2: That bitch had herpes. What an inconsiderate fuckbag.
by cp555 November 22, 2010
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When you put a finger inside your bum hole, normally done on a regular basis for pleasure but result in 'stinky fingers'. Done by both Men and Women.
by HAB.RAJV March 24, 2011
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