An acronym for Supersexual Exclusionary Regressive Fundamentalist, a person who wishes to deny supersexuals their rights or invalidates their sexuality.
Karen tried to tell me that I'm a nazi for being superlesbian, but everyone knows she is a massive SERF.
by The_Incredible_Mr_K March 10, 2021
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South East Recreational Facility. The campus athletics and exercise facility that caters to the student population in the southeast area of campus, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As opposed to the Lakeshore or the Camp Randall neighborhood.
Well, I was workin my glutes a the SERF, then played some basketball. And yes there are some cutie-pies there. And they are quite fond of my glutes.
by Fritz Spielbergo September 11, 2006
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Pretending to work. Covertly engaging in fun activities instead of work, but still appearing as a motivated employee.

Three reasons for the origin of this word:
1) A serf was a form of slave required to work a master's land. Lower-level employees in a modern business can also feel like slaves.
2) Surfing the internet is a common activity undertaken instead of working
3) Surfer culture is traditionally laid back and does not value working
Friend: Were you busy at work today?
Office Worker: Nah, I was serfing all day.
by The Serfer December 5, 2013
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1. Peasant. Slaves that worked on the land in the feudal system. Disapeared with the feudal system in western Europe, but emancipated much later in Russia by Tsar Alexander II.

2. Insult.
1. "Fly my serfs, FLY! Muhahaha!"

Bill: "God damn it Leroy, you're such a serf!"
Leroy: "Your mum's a serf"
Bill: "Your parents are serfs, and I'm going to emancipate them!"
Leroy: "Ah, toupe!"
Bill: "Check and mate"
by Alistair_123 October 2, 2005
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A SERF is a Super Exclusionary Radial Fanatic.
This term is used to describe anyone who does not accept Super Straight, Super Gay, or Super Lesbian people.
SERF: "Oh you're super straight? Fucking transphobe."
Normal People: "Why can't you let us live and love who we want? We aren't bothering you in any way SERF"
by FuckDowdell March 7, 2021
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The practice of defending a landlord and their capital despite owning no land nor capital themselves.
“Steve, doesn’t half of your paycheck go to living in that walk-in closet? And they still haven’t fixed your water heater? Hasn’t it been a week?”

“Yeah but they bought the property fair and square”

“They have as much money as you do— they simply got a loan from the bank for less than you pay, and you’re paying it off for them, and they get to
keep the apartment you are living in after. Quit serfing, dude”
by Fahrenheit e621 February 4, 2022
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If you're network is down, call your Serf.
by Tonkatoy163 August 29, 2007
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