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(SEBS) Sudden Explosive Bowel Syndrome: you are minding your own business when all of a sudden the disturbed feeling that you are about to shit 6 gallons of tapioca pudding rockets through your gut box and you have T minus 5 seconds to find a crap can or lose your favorite boxers forever.
"Man, I ate some bad seafood last night and had a serious case of the SEBS this morning."
by Bigger T April 13, 2006
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When a guy is so flexible they can suck their own dick.
Person 1: You're so flexible dude, do you seb?
Person 2: Nooooo. (Glances around)
by Essexgirll May 29, 2014
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Secret Engineers Business
the quiet observations made by the people that design build and maintain the world around us as defined by the laws of nature and the world around us, the od things that happen just often enough to get noticed that somehow have meaning off the page when relating to the human equation and all that that may imply, like QED but in the real world
they really are driven by their marketing staff, their going to loose millions SEB
by Smegmatron January 18, 2007
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The abbreviation of the S.E.B project.
Sabotage Environment Bacteria.
Can cause loss of humanity.
In 1666 the S.E.B Project came to an end when they discovered seb knew how to use a door and walked off. The S.E.B Project was supposed to eradicate the german population and then rest when his job was done but he was to clever for modern day science to contain.
by =CC= September 16, 2003
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a hot guy with a huge dick and likes to fuck his gf's, he is extremely hot aswell.
OMG seb is hot
hi my names Seb
by Jse November 15, 2017
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