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Acronym for Stop Being A Bitch. Usually used when a person is annoying, obnoxious, whiny, bratty, and bitchy.
Jon: "Sorry, the car broke down. We'll have to walk to the movie theater."

Lisa: "Oh My God! I can't take anymore of your stupid car! Go fix, sell it, or do something if you ever want to tap this ass again!"

Jon: " STFU Lisa! SBAB! By the way you're ugly!"
by catsofamerica!!!!lalala July 27, 2011
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Pronounced: s-bab

An acronym for Space Between Ass and Balls. the fleshy patch also known as the taint, grundle, or gooch
If John thinks I'm going to help him move into his new house he can lick my sbab.

My sbab stinks worse than an Indian locker room after that workout.
by SteveSully February 04, 2008
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Pronunciation: se-bob
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle Eastern, from ancient DOM text
1(a) adj: a term used to describe someone who is continuously late to the game. (b):a person with the habit of stating the obvious.

Example1: "Here's how sbab Umar is, he obviously didn't read the first line of the enclosed email"

Example2: "I'm pretty sure that's been around for a few years, sbab"
by ny2texas June 20, 2007
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