Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a highly contagious, highly dangerous stain of influenza that has caused numerous deaths in and around the Pacific Rim, particularly in China and the Korean Peninsula. Recently located in Vancouver, Canada and other areas as well.
by Dan May 29, 2003
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Sar is short for Sarah, She is so hot that you wanna watch them poop.
Gutt: can i watch you poop, Sar?

Sarah: ew, no Gutt wtf
by GUTTTTT December 19, 2018
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Lisa: Kevin's in jail.
Mike: What?!
Lisa: They say he's the Bay Area SAR.
Mike: Oh.
by Mike December 26, 2004
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Some "diesease" the media thinks will take over the world. Some "diesease" the governments think they have under control. Some "diesease" from Asia. Yet another one.
you are watching TV
Government officials: We now have SARS under control.
you change the channel
News anchor: There were 8 new cases of SARS today in Taiwan. Here, there were only 2 probable cases. There's a difference you know.
You: Oh.
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(sɑːs) n., 1. severely arching rectal squirt. 2. to violently project excrement with a sharp angle of approach to produce an arching effect.
Tubgirl is a SARS artist.
by The Real Boyardee November 03, 2009
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Jon Jenne has SARS, since he is a super stupid retard ass.
by carol dupuis May 19, 2003
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