Stands for: Suck A Nigga Dick Ah Somethin
Coined by the rapper "Sahbabii"
"Luh' bit' was lookin' so SANDAS
Suck a nigga dick or somethin'
Light the bitch up like a candle
Grip on that dick like a handle"
by datwayblood February 27, 2017
A wonderful friend to Sunne

You can never get tired of a Sandae joke.

Sandae is great at having friends

All Sandaes are original gangsters.
Gosh, She's so funny! What a Sandae!
by Sandae October 28, 2017
Sanda is sweet, amazing, and gorgeous. She likes helping out people in need. She can go through tough times but she takes other people's problems first. She is an amazing friend and her worst fear is other people’s thoughts about her looks. If you ever have a Sanda in your life, never let her go. She’ll be the one girl you’ll need when you feel blue. And love her like she’s real because her darkest side is darker than pitch black,but everybody loves a Sanda and will always.
Sanda is so gorgeous and has flawless hair. Everybody the knows a Sanda,Sandra,or Sandy is very lucky to have a caring,loving,loyal friend
by SandralovesCloe December 18, 2017
Someone you are able to depend. Someone who wouldn’t let you down, a reliable source of happiness and genuine positive energy.
Girl you should get yourself a Sanda, he will treat you the way you want to be treated!
by Ja$perbaby February 11, 2019
a girl. first impression is only of beauty and grace, but one soon realizes that all Sanda's include a great presence in them and are genuinely kind
Sanda, the pretty girl clad in pink, can often be seen texting friends to let them know she's there.
by mustigivemyname? December 2, 2009
1. The most depressing image you can think of: a sad panda.

2. A person who is extremely emotionally distressed over an idea or thought.

3. ._.
1. There are many sandas because they won't breed to fucking save their species.

2. Sheri was a sanda when she found out she was pregnant, she will remember to use protection next time.

3. Alex: I don't love you anymore.
Sheri: ._.
by CharonDragon November 10, 2009
South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services


The Indian word for shit/feces/faces. Used in the daily life of a common Indian this is one of the best Indian words which is being used all over the word.
x: Did you do your sandas today?
y : No.
x : Get one now! Call me 1800-SANDASMAN

Where the sandas are you?

Where the f*ck is my sandas?

by Steve Haramie Jobs August 12, 2008