Saarah can be so intelligent when she wants to be ,kind hearted ,strange , amazing , creative may like art , mysterious , can never really know what she is thinking ,smart but does not act it half the time and extremely talented also SAARAH can be amazing bakers
How can Saarah have almost 2 personality so different from each other one minute she can be so intelligent the next she can act dump as a brick wall
by Zharh March 6, 2017
Absolutely gorgeous with a great sense of style. Very intelligent and knows how to make people feel comfortable and laugh.
Her beauty makes boys obsessed with her

Independent, strong and loyal

Has a hard time opening up to people and expressing emotions.
Person 1: “Wow that girl is really pretty and funny!”

Person 2: “Must be a Saarah!”
by Firefly123 March 24, 2018
one of the most amazing people i know. i wish i lived closer to her so i could see her all the time. she says i can't say i love you to her face. but saarah, i do love you <3 you are a pretty cool. throwback girlfrannnn.
man, that girl is so saarah!
by ksdfgjkasjdg December 6, 2010
Saarah is extremely funny and loves to help out people and always pulls her freinds up when they feel down and gives the most warmest hugs ever. Sometimes she can get annoying when she is on her period and can get really moody😒 She can also be really stupid at times but other than that she is a wonderful woman ❤️
Saarah is moody 😶
by Tellonme December 22, 2019
Girl who has big dick energy and will beat your ass up at any given time. She's incredibly independent and doesn't need anyone. She has anger issues but is always right. Everyone loves her because she's blunt and savage. The language she is most fluent in is sarcasm. Also she is hot af.
Person 1: Who's that hottie
Person 2: I think you mean who's that Saarah
by IDGAFSOLEAVEMEALONE November 22, 2021
Saarah is the best human and is completely kind , gorgeous and don't forget beautiful she does know how to use her brain and does use it at the right times ❤️ But sometimes she can be a bit stupid like a brick wall and a bit marry when she's on her period 😒😒
Saarah She always makes people laugh in the end tho ❤️
by Tellonme December 22, 2019
Saarah is Elyas’ wife. She tends not to go for younger men but in this case she wouldn’t mind catching a case because of his banging personality and sexy looks
Saarah: I love elyas he’s gonna come over and we are gonna do sexy time
by Iminlovewithsaarah July 6, 2021