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meaning for a pretty cool person but is known to be a playa with the ladies. To some he is adorable to others he is hot but overall he is an awesome person. He is a total bro.
Guy: Hey whats wrong?

Girl: my boyfriend just broke up with me.


Girl: he thinks that im cheating on him.

Guy: Aww dont worry he was a total douche bag if anyone decides to brake up with an awesome girl like you he isnt worth it.

Girl: Aww thanks Elyas soo sweet.

Guy: No problem wanna go out?

Girl: Sure!

Dude 1: ohh shit elyas is such a playa he took Toms girl.

Dude 2: yeahh whatever he is a balla thats how he roles!
by yomamagotnutinnson12353 January 08, 2011
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Elyas is a weird, lazy(or hyper it depends) and is really hard to understand when he talks in his sciencey way

He always finds ways to entertain himself and always needs entertainment (like seriously if he is bored he will die so save him before it's too late)

Likes playing on his PS4, relaxing, going out with frenz, eating pizza, undertale, anime, cooking (attempting), martial arts and piano

Hates putting effort in things that won't kill him, hates conflict, hates people he hates,hates hurting otger peoples feelings (if they r frenz) and yh some things that he will never talk about

There are other things that you will _never know_
Elyas is a noice

Elyas is filled with DETERMINATION

Oh, hey Elyas

by The E January 01, 2019
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Elyas is a nice and intelligent boy who cares about others and always makes them laugh. Has a diverse personality which is a mix of funny, obnoxious, sweet and a straight up savage. He rarely fights but when he does he can kung fu anyone. He puts people first and protects weaker people. He's friends with everybody and he always sees light in people
Person: Can you help me with some work in the library

Elyas: I'm down bro what do you need?
by The E January 03, 2019
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Elyas can be one of the smartest people you know. They will talk to and be social to everyone, even when he doesn't give two craps about them. Elyas can be one of the hottest guys around, and will always stick up for people. They are very honest and caring of others, no matter how they are feeling. Elyas might look simple minded, but I bet you that a million thoughts keep them awake at night.
Girl one- honey look at that hot guy over there! I sit next to him in class he is so smart!
Girl two- really? Well he must be an Elyas.

Girl one- wow! How did you guess that!
by Thewiseonewhoknows April 17, 2017
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-"Elyas " what are you thinking about? Why are you always fighting your own?
- Thinking about ... I don't know I'm thinking about everything , about world, war , life, girls ,people

But he actually thinks only about two , himself , she

Elyases, they lost some important pieces of their mind while traveling to earth and looking for them and fighting them selves till they Find them to complete them selves and they will be successful after completed by joining some one who has those pieces inside.
They have a difficult journey that most fall down before end , while they know they are strong enough but can't believe ,while some few people can see it but most don't , while they have the power but can't use

They have a difficult and great journey to find pieces , and no one can stop them when they got the chance of joining supplement person and pieces .
They will wake up as those Napoleon bonaparte talked about " they're awakening seems like awakening of dragons " .
No one can love someone as an elyas can, because they fall in love with people by both heart and mind and invisible ropes pin their mind to you even if you don't know they will never give up when they love you and they will do everything to get you and to be with you they know the secret of real and never ending love because of their difficult journey to find love .
Oh look , elyas and his wife are coming I think they will never give up loving each other .
by Aramadino December 17, 2018
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