A nicer way to say whore, or even “stupid whore” as an alternative meaning depending on the context of the sentence the word is use in.
Bro look at all these s’mores at this party !

Yo man I’m tryna fuck some s’mores tonight.
by Clavish13 February 19, 2018
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A sex position with a white person and black person in the middle. They must be positioned between two crackers.
The black and white person having sex we’re between two white crackers doing the Smores.
by Frobro85 July 13, 2019
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When a man cums in a Latina’s booty hole, he makes a s’more.
Bro I gave this chick this nastiest s’more at Chads party last night.
by Chief Guadarama November 13, 2019
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That gooey amalgam around a dirty whore’s bunghole. Typically a viscous of filth, shit and semen. When her ass cheeks are spread, it gives the appearance of a sticky, melted s’more.
I bent that dirty slut over to hit that ass but had to bail braaaaahhh. The whore s’more was too much.

I need to run wipe out the whore s’more I’ve built up all night turning tricks. Busy night tonight. It’s payday in the Hood.
by Eaton Holgoode May 24, 2018
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An Urban S'more is a five-some consisting of an extremely large white skinned fluffy as the marshmallow center, surrounded by two creamy chocolate sistas, held firmly together with a cracker on each side - preferably named Graham.
The Graham boys found the right ingredients for an Urban S’more!
by ButtHead November 12, 2013
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Fucking a bitch with such good pussy and/or ass that you say fuck it, let’s bust the fattest nut of all time inside this sex goddess. Then after you nut in the ass and/or butt u proceed to rub the pussy flaps or asscheeks together with the cum inside.(optional, you put your pride aside and eat that shit).
Oh my crispy tenders Ronnie You should of been there with your mother and I last night. I love making s’mores with white chocolate.
by bigboilatroi October 10, 2018
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The Persian S’more is a sex position, or act involving One person, likely a female, to spread their ass, as one other person, male, shits into the females spread apart ass. The male then nuts onto the females ass as well. The ass cheeks act as graham crackers, the shit is chocolate, and the semen is marshmallow. This creates the perfect, Persian s’more!
by TheReidShowSNAP December 4, 2020
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