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Ryla (Remembered your loved always) is an acronym. She is pretty, sweet, amazing, kind, and always there for you, She is a beautiful person on the inside-out.
Ryla is Great!
by April Summers May 05, 2017
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This girl is a piece of work, she’s very attracted to shiny things, and spends money like it’s nothing, for example spending 700 dollars in one day
By stander: woah look at all those sparkly things she has!
Friend: her name must be ryla!!!!!
by Fjjiugdrhnjhcf November 10, 2018
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A girl that is very VERY very dumb, and self centered. She is always clueless 24/7. Likes to spend money like its nothing.
by Ddsjshsgshs November 10, 2018
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RYLA(rotary youth leadership awards) a wicked fun leadership conference where people make purple and ten fingers is the game everyone plays
Boys are Blue and girls are pink at RYLA there is no purple.
by Group S! June 23, 2008
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A name made up of the two names Ryan and Kyla. Ryla's are normally really pretty and super flexible, they are also really fun to be around.
Ryla is so pretty!
by prettygirlzz January 01, 2016
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